GPM Service & Repair Puts the SNOW back in snowmaking

It was the worst thing that could happen. At the height of the early snowmaking season, an essential vertical turbine pump went out. Without a steady supply of water, multiple snowmaking cannons sat idle. Idle pumps meant no snowmaking. No snowmaking meant pushing back the opening date of thefalse… Read more »

Faster Results with New Pump Service Technology

The New and Improved GPM Pump Service and Repair Center It happens to the best of us. A critical piece of equipment goes down, and your entire operation comes to a standstill. You send your equipment out for service and watch the hours or days pass by until you can reinstall and get back to work.… Read more »

GPM-Eliminator Saves Glencore Millions

While at Glencore’s Nickel Rim South mine, Bryan Wilson, now General Manager at Lac des Iles mine in Ontario, was challenged with improving the mine’s underground sump dewatering and solids removal system.… Read more »

Electrical Motors and Control Solutions

GPM’s Electrical Services Group (ESG) was formed to better serve our customer with electrical products and services - and we’ve put together a team that leverages over 40 years of experience in the field.… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces Peter G. Haines as New Chief Executive Officer

Duluth, MN: July 13, 2017 - Peter Gemuenden, Chairman and President of GPM, Inc. (GPM) is pleased to announce the company has selected Peter G. Haines as the new Chief Executive Officer. Haines will begin his duties as CEO on July 17, 2017, and will be replacing Rob West, GPM’s CEO for the pastfalse… Read more »

Decrease Downtime with Remote Condition Monitoring [CASE STUDY]

We’ve already debunked some of the most common myths about preventative maintenance, so we don’t want to harp on you about stuff you already know - but if you’re curious or want to refresh your memory, check out this blog post. GPM certainly did not invent the term predictive maintenance, but wefalse… Read more »

A Tale of the Everlasting Pump

Back in the 90s, we sold a lot of GPM-EliminatorTM pumps to customers in a lot of different locations. This story is about one particular pump that was shipped out with two others and was never heard from again. Well, not for over 25 years, which in the life of a pump is quite a long time.false… Read more »

Introducing the New and Improved GPM Pump Selector

In 2015, we launched our GPM-EliminatorTM Pump Selector as a better way to serve our customers, and to give individuals the chance to learn more about the pumping solutions GPM has to offer. Our engineers wanted to provide the opportunity for users to find the right pump for their specific needs -false… Read more »

Springing into Service: How one fast-acting GPM service team helped save the day

The dog days of summer can get brutally hot. With air conditioners and fans running all day to beat the heat, the pressure is high for power plants to run at their peak potential. If a plant is unable to function because of technological failure or malfunction, the pressure is even higher forfalse… Read more »

Even More Costly than we Thought

The pains associated with production downtime at a plant, mill, or rig are obvious. Time means money, and idle workers, equipment and production flow means profits down the drain. But the costs of downtime can go even further than the obvious. In True Downtime Cost Analysis Don Fitchett and Mikefalse… Read more »

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