These are unprecedented times. The safety and protection of our employees and their families, as well as our loyal customers and supplier partners is the number one concern for GPM. As this pandemic moves through our region, country and around the world, GPM is committed to staying informed and safely supporting the critical industries we serve. We truly believe all business entities are critical to overcoming economic instability and uncertainty - we also encourage every person and business to follow CDC and other government agency recommendations.

GPM is taking proactive and preventative measures to enhance the safety procedures we have in place for our employees in our manufacturing facilities, service and repair shops, warehouses and in the field supporting our customers’ critical needs including:

● Working remotely whenever feasible
● Social distancing
● Additional PPE
● Hand-washing and additional personal hygiene measures

GPM currently provides products and services to four (4) of the identified essential business industry sectors, including:

● Critical Manufacturing: mining, nuclear, energy
● Chemical: chemical, oil, gas
● Food and Agriculture
● Water and Wastewater

Within these key industries, GPM is a manufacturer and supplier of strategic products, components and warranty-backed repair parts and service and is therefore considered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be, ‘essential to critical infrastructure during COVID-19 response’.

As we continue to operate to support our critical infrastructure customers, we are following guidelines from the CDC as well as national and local governments. We will continually monitor this global health crisis closely and will provide relevant updates as needed. We are committed to responding to the orders, requests and questions from our customers throughout this crisis. Please continue to reach out to us through normal channels of communication. As always, we can be reached from our website and via phone at 218-722-9904 or toll free at 800-754-9904.

Above all, GPM is thinking of the health and safety for all our customers, suppliers and most importantly our dedicated employees and their families.
Be safe – The Team at GPM

GPM is open and in operation to support essential industry sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Contact us at 218-722-9904 or toll free at 800-754-9904.