GPM-Eliminator™ - 30 Years of Manufacturing the Top Slurry Pump

A lot can happen in 30 years. Children are born and grow up. You can pay off an entire mortgage. Working 30 years with a single company seems almost unheard of these days, so we’re proud to say that our heavy-duty submersible slurry pump, the GPM-Eliminator™ is celebrating its 30th birthday.… Read more »

GPM Engineered Fabrication Services

If you need it, we can create it. For forty years, GPM customers have known GPM as an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial pumps that get the job done. They’ve also come to trust the GPM Service and Repair Center with any and all pump repair needs because the GPM service teamfalse… Read more »

Don’t Leave Your Sump to Chance, GPM-Eliminator Pump Leaves No Doubt

SUMMARY: Custom-Engineered GPM-Eliminator Extended shaft pump provides solution for metal wash sump.… Read more »

Duluth Cargo Connect Lends Space & Skills to GPM, Inc. Team | North Star Port Magazine

When GPM, Inc., needed to construct not one but two mine dewatering pump houses to withstand extreme heat or frigid temperatures, project engineers looked no further than Duluth’s industrial sector to assemble a uniquely qualified team of construction experts.… Read more »

GPM Inc. Anticipates Growth to Serve Large Industries in North America and Other Countries | Duluthian Magazine

Slurry pumping is crucial to many different industries, especially those in which manufacturing or processing leads to the production of waste liquids. So dependable pumps are vital for many regional companies, including Iron Range taconite producers. These are tough industries requiring toughfalse… Read more »

Business is Duluth | North Star Port Magazine

On top of the hill, adjacent to the Duluth International Airport, is a 300-acre section of land that has contributed to the growth of about 40 local businesses. This is the location of the Duluth Airpark, a light industrial and commercial park owned and developed by the Duluth Seaway Port Authorityfalse… Read more »

Watch GPM Custom-Engineer a Mine Dewatering Pump House in 3 Minutes

Mining is truly the backbone of northern Minnesota’s economy. Valuable iron ore is mined and processed across the region then sent out to feed the steel mills which manufacture the steel for use in everyday items like automobiles, appliances, construction materials and much, much more.… Read more »

GPM More than Quadruples Life of Hydrapulper Agitator with GPM-Eliminator Technology

SUMMARY: GPM Engineered Fabrication dramatically extends wear life of hydrapulper operation at ceiling tile manufacturer.… Read more »


Like all of our best projects, creating the new GPM, Inc. website took the hard work of a dedicated team. Our customers expect the very best from us, and we wanted our new website to reflect the GPM our customers have come to rely on. While we know the personal nature of our customer relationshipsfalse… Read more »

GPM Strengthens Service Team in Duluth and Minneapolis Service & Repair Centers

Duluth, MN: August 21, 2018 - GPM, Inc. (GPM) is pleased to announce the company has added depth and expertise to their Service & Repair Center team with additions of several new hires and promotions in their Duluth and Minneapolis (MSP) Service & Repair Center locations. “Service and repair isfalse… Read more »

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