GPM Service & Repair for Municipalities

All industries dread unexpected downtime, but for municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, downtime can have drastic effects on both pump systems and surrounding communities.

When a critical pump fails, your top priority is getting it repaired – fast. But, if you’re working remotely or don’t have the option to remove the equipment and send it in for maintenance, repairs can get challenging.

The ideal situation is that a repair team comes to you ASAP. That’s the idea behind GPM’s Field Service team.

We’re factory trained, safety-focused and ready to get your facility back online fast. We’re available 24/7 for planned outages, unexpected failures and everything in between with a full range of services to keep your pumps in great shape.


The bad news? A pump failed. The good news? You’ve got a spare sitting on the shelf. The tricky part? Getting that spare pump installed quickly, efficiently and correctly. Call the GPM Field Service team. We’ll come to your site, remove the failed pump and install the spare. We’ll also complete any necessary repairs to the failed pump on-site or back at a GPM Service and Repair shop, if necessary.

Whenever possible, we repair pumps in the field. This eliminates additional downtime required for transportation to our shop and back, not to mention the actual repairs and reinstallation. We can often diagnose common pump problems onsite so that we can complete repairs quickly and efficiently. GPM also carries a large inventory of spare parts, including refurbished and new units.

Proper alignment is essential in any piece of rotating equipment, and GPM always assesses alignment after completing a repair in the field. We use the latest technology in laser alignment equipment to ensure proper alignment on rotating equipment, including new or repaired units, or to conduct alignment assurance checks on critical equipment. This amount of extra attention on the front end translates to smoother operations down the line.

Vibration is one of the leading indicators of a pump destined to fail, so the sooner increased levels of vibration are detected, analyzed and addressed, the less likely it is you’ll experience unnecessary downtime and save the equipment from further damage. The GPM Field Service team works with our clients to tackle complex vibration issues using the latest technology in vibration monitoring equipment.

Is there anything better than a brand-spanking-new treatment facility with bright, shiny equipment? Maybe just one thing – when every piece of equipment operates as designed from the start. GPM can perform a series of checks and tests to ensure all rotating equipment is set up correctly so it can operate as designed. We’ll catch any anomalies and work with you to address them promptly to avoid bigger issues down the line.

Pumps are generally a single component of a larger system that moves fluid. Combining the pumps with complex piping arrangements and valves, and taking into consideration the power supply, any singular part or possible combination of components within the system could be the culprit for a failure. GPM conducts comprehensive troubleshooting to evaluate the whole water or wastewater treatment system to find the underlying cause of failure and corrective action solutions—and our comprehensive report provides all the detail you’ll need to correct issues and operate more efficiently moving forward.

The electrical power supply is the heart of a pump system – a pump can’t pump without its motor, after all. When issues arise with the power supply, the whole operation can come to a grinding halt. With a specialized electric motor analyzing tool, GPM can verify specific electrical parameters to identify and resolve issues pertaining to electric motors.

In municipal water and wastewater facilities, planned shutdowns or outages are essential procedures for preventative maintenance for ongoing operations. Dedicating time for planned maintenance and repairs increases efficiencies in the long run and decreases the risk of unexpected downtime as a result of sudden emergencies. GPM is ready to assist you with maintenance and repairs during shutdowns, and we also offer project planning, procurement, equipment upgrades and more.

GPM can help eliminate downtime and improve efficiencies at your facility. No more weekly maintenance, pump replacements or cleanings. Learn more about how partnering with GPM can keep your operation running smoothly, day in and day out.