Heavy-Duty Mining Pumps For Any Application

GPM is proud to support industries, like mining, that are the backbone of economies around the world. Extracting minerals, metals and resources safely and sustainably makes modern life – not to mention the products we use every day in our personal and professional lives – possible. Industrial pumps used in mining are critical pieces of equipment that constantly move liquids, including heavy slurries, out in the pit and inside the plant. These pumps are combined with complex piping as well as valve and power supply arrangements. If the pump goes out, the entire operation can come to a standstill.

Downtime is a four-letter-word in any industry, and GPM offers products and services backed by decades of experience to keep jobs running smoothly.

The GPM-Eliminator™ was designed for mining applications, and we offer several submersible models that fit specific needs to keep mining operations running smoothly. Whether you’re pumping water or abrasive slurries up to 70% solids, GPM can help get the job done.

From single dewatering pumps to complex dewatering systems, GPM has the expertise and capabilities to provide cost-effective dewatering solutions including submersible pumps, barge or raft-mounted pumps, booster pumps and everything up to turnkey climate-controlled pump houses. An iron ore mining operation in northern Minnesota tapped GPM’s expertise to minimize downtime with a pair of high-powered, easily-maneuverable dewatering pump houses mounted on industrial skids so water could be moved across the mine as needed. Watch the time-lapse video for a closer look.

In 1991, GPM shipped three GPM-Eliminator pumps to a taconite mining plant in northern Minnesota. They were destined for a thickener underflow application, where they’d pump silty water out of the customer’s mining process. For 25 years, the pumps worked nonstop until they finally needed service. Read the Made Tough Success Story to learn more.

Glencore's new Nickel Rim South mine in Sudbury Ontario had a major problem. The submersible sump pump system for dewatering and handling slimes was driving handling and maintenance costs sky-high. As an operation this big, uptime is critical. They needed a fast solution, and GPM delivered. Read more about the Wilson Sump.

Now more than ever, mining operations are subject to strict local, state and federal rules and regulations that eliminate any negative impact on the environment. Long-term management of mining tailings is a critical aspect of any operation, and successful systems rely on high-quality pumps. GPM-Eliminator pumps continue to aid this effort, especially in seep systems and mining stormwater applications that ensures water remains contained and controlled at all times.

The application examples listed above are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GPM’s experience and expertise in solving complex pump challenges for the mining industry. We’ve worked with operations around the world, helping with ore reclaim conveyor sumps, ball mill sumps, paste fill operations, concentrate transfer, wash down sumps, slurry transfer, settling/collection pumps and more.

GPM’s philosophy is simple. We provide our customers with high-value, high-quality products, services and industrial pumping solutions, delivered on time – every time. Whether we’re creating a custom pumping solution for an individual application, making an in-person service call or providing solutions via the world-class manufacturers we represent, our team is driven to get the job done right and to our customers’ expected standards.

We act as an extension of your team to provide pump-specific knowledge. Our team will help specify the right pump for your application, and we’ll be there from initial setup and testing to operations and ongoing maintenance - ensuring our products perform to OEM specifications and your operation is successful.

Our job at GPM is to take the guesswork out of selecting the right pump. In the mining industry, submersible pumps dominate – and our Submersible Applications Matrix is a great place to start. Take a look to see which GPM-Eliminator models will best suit your operation. GPM also serves a wide range of industries and applications. If you’re looking for a solution outside of mining, please contact our team with any questions or learn more on our website.

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