[POLL] Results

Two things. First, results are in! Read on to find out which is the most awesome – detective, doctor or supercomputer – according to the popular vote. Which is the most awesome?… Read more »

[POLL] Last Call – Help on Top-Secret Project

Last week, we asked you to weigh in on a top-secret project currently in development at GPM’s underground research base, affectionately nicknamed Area 52.*… Read more »

[POLL] A Serious Question from GPM

Back in November, as you may recall, we asked for your help to resolve The Great GPM Tiger Debate. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Read this.) Since your help proved to be extremely helpful, we’ve decided to ask you to weigh in on another critical issue. This one relates to a top-secret GPMfalse… Read more »

GPM Announces New Sales Engineer in Duluth, MN - Industrial Solutions & Products

Duluth, MN: Bob Gemuenden, VP of Sales for the Industrial Solutions and Products division of GPM, Inc. announced Luke Esboldt as Sales Engineer in the Duluth, MN office effective December 1, 2015.… Read more »

The Tiger’s Jury Has Spoken

Should it stay or should it go? Last week, we asked you, the readers and customers of GPM, to vote on the fate of the GPM Tiger mascot (“Let ‘er Eat!”). The vote was close – but the jury has spoken.… Read more »

GPM Announces New Western Regional Sales Manager - Industrial Solutions & Products

Duluth, MN: Bob Gemuenden, VP of Sales for the Industrial Solutions and Products division of GPM, Inc. announced Chris Morgan as Western Regional Sales Manager. Morgan, a GPM employee since 2008, will join GPM’s Bismarck office and be responsible for growing GPM’s western region which has richfalse… Read more »

[POLL] The GPM Tiger: Keep It or Retire It?

We don’t like to talk about it. Maybe that’s why the tiger has triggered such turmoil within our company – from the great lunchroom rebellion of 2011 to the notorious shrink-wrap incident of 2013 (our lawyers have advised us not to talk about that one). It’s time to heal the rift. To move forward,false… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces New Disassembly and Inspection Service

GPM is proud to announce our new mechanical seal disassembly and inspection service. For the past 35 years GPM has taken great pride in providing you the best service and support for your pump and seal needs. GPM will now be able to help service your toughest sealing requirements with the help offalse… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Duluth, Minnesota: Rob West, CEO of GPM, Inc. announced Tom Sieger as Chief Financial Officer. Sieger, an employee of GPM since 2013, was formerly the Controller for the company. In this role, Sieger will oversee all financial aspects of the company as GPM continues to grow by adding new pumpfalse… Read more »

How a Paper Mill Saved $1.8 Million [CASE STUDY]

Nobody likes downtime. One paper mill in the midwest was struggling with a recurring downtime problem that was costing the company $180,000 a year – not to mention a whole lot of headaches. Here’s what was happening.… Read more »

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