Introducing the New and Improved GPM Pump Selector

In 2015, we launched our GPM-EliminatorTM Pump Selector as a better way to serve our customers, and to give individuals the chance to learn more about the pumping solutions GPM has to offer. Our engineers wanted to provide the opportunity for users to find the right pump for their specific needs -false… Read more »

Springing into Service: How one fast-acting GPM service team helped save the day

The dog days of summer can get brutally hot. With air conditioners and fans running all day to beat the heat, the pressure is high for power plants to run at their peak potential. If a plant is unable to function because of technological failure or malfunction, the pressure is even higher forfalse… Read more »

Even More Costly than we Thought

The pains associated with production downtime at a plant, mill, or rig are obvious. Time means money, and idle workers, equipment and production flow means profits down the drain. But the costs of downtime can go even further than the obvious. In True Downtime Cost Analysis Don Fitchett and Mikefalse… Read more »

GPM Celebrates Barb Myhre ~ 30 Years of Service

Duluth, MN: GPM, Inc. today announced the 30-year anniversary of Barb Myhre, who works in the company’s Bismarck, ND office.… Read more »

Maximize your ROI – at 2,000 gallons per minute

Buying a cheaper pump may save you a few bucks up front, but along with that cheap pump, you’re also buying a lot of headaches:… Read more »

Top 10 tips for optimum pump efficiency

Here at GPM, we take pride in having the toughest, most reliable pumps in the industry. But that doesn’t mean you simply install one of our systems and walk away.… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces New Director of Engineering

Duluth, MN: Rob West, CEO of GPM, Inc., announced today that Terry King was appointed as the Director of Engineering for the company. In this role, King will oversee all aspects of engineering and design within GPM, as well as coordinate efforts for special engineered products.… Read more »

The Pump Price Trap

It’s easy to see how it happens.… Read more »

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New GPM Pump Leasing and Finance Program

Introducing the new GPM Pump Leasing and Finance Program. GPM has partnered with Northland Capital Financial Services to offer you both leasing and equipment financing with an easy application and very competitive rates. Why lease?… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces New Leasing and Finance Partnership

Duluth, MN: GPM, Inc. (GPM) announced a new pump leasing and financing program designed to enable customers to obtain new GPM-EliminatorTM pumps without incurring immediate capital expense. Tax and equipment finance leases are now available for qualified customers through a partnership withfalse… Read more »

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