GPM-Eliminator™ - 30 Years of Manufacturing the Top Slurry Pump

A lot can happen in 30 years. Children are born and grow up. You can pay off an entire mortgage. Working 30 years with a single company seems almost unheard of these days, so we’re proud to say that our heavy-duty submersible slurry pump, the GPM-Eliminator™ is celebrating its 30th birthday.

That’s 30 years of dependability for our customers. 30 years of manufacturing the top slurry pumps in the industry. 30 years of getting the job done. 30 years of outlasting the competition and saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime, maintenance expenses, repairs or replacements.

What began as a solution for slurry pumping challenges facing the mining and power generation industries quickly grew. Today, the GPM-Eliminator’s application portfolio has expanded into industries across the board including steel mills, pulp and paper, water treatment, nuclear waste, wastewater, food processing, dewatering, ethanol/grain processing, chemical, construction, oil & gas, dredging, and more.

Ranging from 5HP to 500HP, the GPM-Eliminator line of submersible, horizontal and extended shaft pumps can handle almost anything from clean water to slurry containing 70% solids. With a GPM-Eliminator, you can:

  • Pump effectively in extremely abrasive slurry applications
  • Pump solid particles up to 4.5” diameter
  • Pump efficiently to match flow and head requirements

 The GPM-Eliminator line of pumps was designed to deliver. Every inch of the pump was carefully designed and tested to perform longer and more reliably than any other slurry pump on the market.

  • Potted cable entry endures 100’ of submergence
  • Shaft made from high quality 416 stainless steel
  • Balanced hydraulic design wears evenly on wear plate, impeller and casing
  • Lubricated double mechanical seal design
  • Liquid end components available in high-chrome, stainless steel, CD4MCu and cast iron

Here’s to Thirty Years of Success

GPM is a team of problem solvers. When we heard about the continuous frustrations that operators and maintenance personnel were having with pump failures across several industries, we put our heads (and our many years of experience) together to come up with a solution. We wanted to build a better pump with the capability to:

  • Increase intervals between routine inspections
  • Run dry for extended periods without failure
  • Tackle extremely abrasive applications with ease 

A Look Back at Where it All Began

The GPM-Eliminator was born in 1987. A time before the Internet was considered an essential utility. A time when industry on the Iron Range and across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin was just starting to rebound after a recession. A time when machines were Made Tough and built to last.

Learn more about how it all began.

Download the GPM-Eliminator 30th Anniversary Story