Don’t Leave Your Sump to Chance, GPM-Eliminator Pump Leaves No Doubt


Custom-Engineered GPM-Eliminator Extended shaft pump provides solution for metal wash sump.


Eastern US Power Generation Plant.


Metal wash sumps are notorious for being abusive to pumps because several challenging variables wreak havoc on certain metal and rubber pump components. In this application, vast pH swings (from 1-12) and elevated sump temperatures were especially rough on the customer’s existing submersible pumps. When the customer explained to GPM that there was only a 50/50 chance that the competitor’s submersible pump would run during each wash cycle, we jumped at the opportunity. We knew we could do better. Even though GPM manufactures the world’s toughest submersible pumps, we understand that the submersible configuration is not always the best solution.


Along with 30+ years of manufacturing GPM-Eliminator submersible pumps, GPM has decades of custom-engineered GPM-Eliminator Extended Shaft Pump manufacturing experience. When devising a solution, we left no stone unturned, taking into consideration the required hydraulic performance and the varying pH and temperature, the GPM OEM engineering team created the BCGT4S100-6T4-S-166”. This double-columned extended shaft pump featured 316ss components to withstand corrosion and durable 28% hard chrome GT4 liquid end. When all was said and done, our solution stretched almost 14’ deep into the sump.


TheThe first GPM BCGT4S100-6T4-166” Extended Shaft Pump was installed over one year ago with no issues to date. Our solution reduced downtime and quadrupled mean time between failure (MTBF), leading the customer to convert all three of their metal wash sumps to this design. With GPM-Eliminator extended shaft pumps, this power generation plant no longer risks a 50/50 chance of operating. It’s a sure thing!

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Design Concept

Actual Product

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