GPM Named an AMFA Featured Member

GPM is proud to be the featured member in the Arrowhead Manufactures and Fabrication Association’s (AMFA) July Newsletter, Shop Talk. Read the full article HERE.… Read more »

GPM Announces New Strategic Business Development Manager and Western Regional Sales Manager

Duluth, MN: June 27, 2018 – In addition to celebrating 40-years as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the GPM-Eliminator series of submersible and horizontal slurry pumps, including representation of 15 lines of industry-leading technologies related to rotational equipment, GPM, Inc.false… Read more »

GPM | Your Howden Roots Blower Authorized Repair and Service Center

Howden Roots: Serving a Wide Variety of Customers GPM, Inc., manufactures GPM-Eliminators™, the most reliable submersible and horizontal slurry pumps in the world. We also are distributors for Howden Roots Blowers serving a wide variety of customers in such industries as pneumatic conveying, gasfalse… Read more »

GPM Product Expansion - Howden Roots Blowers

INTRODUCING HOWDEN ROOTS BLOWERS GPM recently expanded its relationship with Howden Roots, growing as an authorized seller, distributor and repair center for Roots blowers. For 30 years, GPM has worked closely with Howden, providing engineered sales and service for large Roots blower models. GPMfalse… Read more »

A Bigger Motor for the Biggest Dewatering Pump Challenges

FOR A BIGGER, BADDER DEWATERING PUMP, YOU NEED A BIGGER, BADDER MOTOR GPM customers work in the world’s toughest industries and they expect top performance from their products. That’s why they trust GPM to deliver products and solutions that get the job done. But what happens when a customer has afalse… Read more »

GPM Distribution Product Expansion | Howden Roots Blowers, Compressors and Controls

GPM has been in the business of manufacturing, distributing, servicing and repairing industrial pumps for the past 40 years. Customers know GPM pumps are the toughest in the business. If there’s a challenging job out there, a GPM pump can handle it. GPM is solutions driven and understands there isfalse… Read more »

GPM Complete Metal Fabrication Services

For forty years, customers have known GPM as an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial pumps that get ANY job done. They’ve also come to trust the GPM Service & Repair center with any and all pump repair needs because the GPM service team goes above and beyond to make surefalse… Read more »

GPM Pump Performance Testing

Not again. A critical pump is failing, and you don’t know why. Could it be a hydraulic issue, or maybe an electrical problem? You’re not sure yet, but you know this loss of performance is going to cost you. The downtime alone adds up quickly. We frequently hear about situations like this. A piecefalse… Read more »

GPM, Inc. Announces Brandi Beach Elected to Energy Generation Conference Committee

Duluth, MN: February 15, 2018 - GPM, Inc. (GPM) is pleased to announce that Brandi Beach has been elected to serve on the Energy Generation Conference (EGC) Planning Committee, which meets in the Bismarck, North Dakota area. The EGC is a cooperative effort among producers, suppliers and educatorsfalse… Read more »

Best-in-Class Service and Repair

The GPM Service & Repair Center team isn’t your run-of-the-mill repair shop. We’re a team of highly-skilled specialists who know the ins and outs of all the products and parts we service. Our sales team are experienced troubleshooters and can diagnose many issues on-site, saving our customers timefalse… Read more »

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