GPM Announces New Engineered Fabrication Product Line: Pump Barges

GPM, Inc. (GPM), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the GPM-Eliminator™ line of industrial slurry and dewatering pumps, has announced a new product line: GPM’s Pit Master Dewatering Barges. Intended for customers in the mining, pit and quarry and various general industries, GPM’s Pit Master Dewatering Barge systems offer affordable dewatering solutions that simplify water management challenges.

“Water management is one of the top challenges in a mine pits and quarries; maintaining proper water levels is essential to successful operations,” stated Peter Haines, GPM CEO. “The GPM Engineered Fabrication team has developed floating barges that place the power of a GPM-Eliminator wherever it’s needed.”

Deploying an effective, economical, custom-created floating barge system paired with a reliable submersible pump streamlines production and decreases unnecessary maintenance or downtime. GPM’s experienced engineering and production teams can configure pump and raft combinations to meet the specific demands of any operation.

GPM’s floating barges come in three sizes and can be modified to provide optimal performance in any environment.

GPM-Barge-Table (1)Before providing a floating barge system, the GPM team takes the time to understand what customers need for their specific applications. We ensure the right fit and pump size for the job and design the barges for correct placement, promoting a smooth-running operation 24/7/365.

Additionally, GPM's Pit Master Barges Made Tough design features allow for maximum mobility, versatility and can be used under extreme weather conditions in any climate.      

For more information, contact GPM at 218-722-9904, or visit