The Tiger’s Jury Has Spoken

Should it stay or should it go?

Last week, we asked you, the readers and customers of GPM, to vote on the fate of the GPM Tiger mascot (“Let ‘er Eat!”).

The vote was close – but the jury has spoken.

Yes. Team Tiger all the way!


No way. The tiger needs to go - put it out to pasture. Er, out to jungle. Whatever. You know what I mean.


The GPM Tiger is being retired.

In honor of the tiger’s years of faithful service to the GPM brand, we are making a donation to Tigers Forever, a program of Panthera, a respected organization dedicated to conserving wild cat species.

Whether you voted yes or no, we thank you for helping us end the feud that has divided GPM for too long. We shall now move forward, united and tigerless, to continue to make the world’s toughest slurry and dewatering pumps.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go console the VP of Original Equipment Manufacturing.


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