[POLL] The GPM Tiger: Keep It or Retire It?

We don’t like to talk about it.

Maybe that’s why the tiger has triggered such turmoil within our company – from the great lunchroom rebellion of 2011 to the notorious shrink-wrap incident of 2013 (our lawyers have advised us not to talk about that one).

It’s time to heal the rift. To move forward, united, with the tiger or without it.

That’s where you come in. We need you to help us decide, once and for all: Should GPM keep the tiger?

Undecided? Here are two arguments, for and against the tiger.

Click below to cast your vote: Should GPM keep the tiger?

(Side note: When we asked various GPM employees for their thoughts, we got passionate responses, not all of which were suitable for public consumption. Evidently some people REALLY dislike the tiger…

Anyway, check the blog next week – we’ll share some of the most entertaining comments.)

PRO TIGER: Wade Christensen, VP of Original Equipment Manufacturing

A tiger is the perfect representation of the GPM-Eliminator™. Strong, tough, fierce, determined, dynamic, forceful, everything about the GPM-Eliminator™ is tiger-like.

Fast. Cunning. Fearless. The tiger is a pursuer. He reaches out and takes what he needs to survive. They are the hunter, and are on the top of the food chain when they need to eat! Everybody in the world knows what a tiger symbolizes. The tiger is reaching out and devouring anything in its path! “Let ‘Er Eat”!

Lurking in the jungles of your nastiest slurry pits, the GPM-Eliminator feeds silently, having been engineered to handle the most abusive applications with its high-chrome materials, engineered mechanical seals, oversized pump shafts and class H winding insulation. Uncage it, let ‘er eat and it will give you all it’s got.

In conclusion: Vote for the tiger (we may get hats).

ANTI-TIGER: Katie Sieger, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

The tiger concept must die. From a marketing standpoint, it is not consistent with the GPM or GPM-Eliminator brand, no one has any idea of what “Let ‘Er Eat” means, it is bad English, and the font is all wrong.

This concept was thought up by a salesperson, need I say more?

It is a great-looking pump, but what does a tiger have to do with the toughest, most reliable submersible and horizontal slurry pumps in the world? Tigers are native of Asia, while GPM-Eliminator is 100% made in the USA.

I don’t get it. Is the tiger being sucked into the pump because the pump is so strong, or is the tiger the pump, ready to eat up everything?

Clearly this is just a frosted flaky rip-off conceived at the breakfast table. A tiger? Clever, maybe a different morning and it would have been a toucan.

Seriously, we make tough pumps, not great breakfast cereal.

In conclusion: Vote for the tiger to go away. Please.

Are you pro-tiger or anti-tiger? It’s time to take a stand.

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