[POLL] A Serious Question from GPM

Back in November, as you may recall, we asked for your help to resolve The Great GPM Tiger Debate.

(Not sure what we’re talking about? Read this.)

Since your help proved to be extremely helpful, we’ve decided to ask you to weigh in on another critical issue. This one relates to a top-secret GPM project we’ll be unveiling in March.

Before we ask, let’s be clear: This is a serious request.

Your response will influence the direction of an actual GPM project currently in development.

Here’s the question:

Which is the most awesome?

1)    Detective

2)    Doctor

3)    Supercomputer

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Voting closes Friday, Feb. 5 at 11:59 PM

P.S. Unlike with the tiger survey, we won’t be sending a reminder. This is your moment! Seize it! Vote now