How a Paper Mill Saved $1.8 Million [CASE STUDY]

Nobody likes downtime.

One paper mill in the midwest was struggling with a recurring downtime problem that was costing the company $180,000 a year – not to mention a whole lot of headaches.

Here’s what was happening.

The mill has six plants with sumps at each location.

The papermaking process produces leftover pulp. This pulp goes into holding tanks at each of the plant locations.

Every year, the mill schedules a seven-day outage to pump out the contents of the pulper tanks into sumps, allowing for equipment inspections.

The problem: During these outages, the existing sump pumps were inevitably overwhelmed by the pulp waste. They would clog, causing added delays to already-costly downtime.

The additional downtime due to these clogs cost $30,000 per plant. Multiply that times six plants and pay that bill every single year.

You can see why the customer came to GPM.

“The customer turned to us for a solution involving a GPM-Eliminator™ pump that would reduce the additional man-hours being caused by the plugged pumps and lines,” said Chris Morgan, Regional Sales Manager at GPM.

“They needed a solution that would cut their costs and make their process more efficient.”

See how a GPM solution is saving this company $1.8 million.

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