Maximize your ROI – at 2,000 gallons per minute

Buying a cheaper pump may save you a few bucks up front, but along with that cheap pump, you’re also buying a lot of headaches:

  • Extended downtime
  • Less reliability
  • A pump you may have to replace multiple times a year
  • A budget (not to mention your boss) shrieking under the pressure of surprise expenses

Maximize your return on investment

We’ve seen the results with our GPM-Eliminator™ high-head pump, which can replace multiple pumps and give you extraordinary water carrying power. For example, the GPM-Eliminator high-head is being used on Minnesota’s Iron Range for dewatering in an iron ore pit. The GPM-Eliminator high-head pump blasts 2,000 gallons per minute straight up 485 feet with no problems. The total head capacity is a whopping 500 feet.

At the mine, two, single-stage GPM-Eliminators replaced three, two-stage pumps that were being replaced every six to twelve months. Yep, fewer parts and better engineering means more uptime and reliability. That’s what you get with GPM.

The Shocking ROI Results

In the total-cost field test, GPM-Eliminator™, well, eliminated the competition. If you want to maximize your equipment return on investment, don’t just consider price. Consider total cost. 

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