[POLL] Last Call – Help on Top-Secret Project

Last week, we asked you to weigh in on a top-secret project currently in development at GPM’s underground research base, affectionately nicknamed Area 52.*

Here’s the question:

Which is the most awesome?

1)  Detective
2)  Doctor
3)  Supercomputer

We weren’t going to remind you. But we got so many great responses that we decided to share a few. 

The survey closes tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 5) at 11:45 PM. Voting only takes a few seconds – why not do it now?

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Having trouble deciding? Here are just a couple of the dozens of comments folks have shared to explain the reasoning behind their votes.


Explanation: “Detectives have an air of mystery. They exhaust every option and chase every lead to get results.”


Explanation: “A doctor has to be a detective and have the knowledge of a supercomputer.”


Explanation: “A detective is used only sporadically, a doctor is needed only for health issues, a supercomputer can do the work of both the detective and the doctor and numerous additional benefits.”


Explanation: “Wizard” 

[This is our favorite response]