Introducing the New and Improved GPM Pump Selector

In 2015, we launched our GPM-EliminatorTM Pump Selector as a better way to serve our customers, and to give individuals the chance to learn more about the pumping solutions GPM has to offer. Our engineers wanted to provide the opportunity for users to find the right pump for their specific needs - and with 24/7/365 access, the Pump Selector tool is available anytime.

The reaction has been incredible. Users appreciate being able to take charge and to find the pumping solution they need when they need it. The GPM Pump Selector saves from the headache of downtime and keeps jobs running on budget. Finding and specifying the right pump with the GPM Pump Selector is easy and convenient, and you can’t complain about that.

But, our engineering team wasn’t satisfied with ‘good’. They wanted to make the GPM Pump Selector great. So they tinkered and made improvements to offer a better, faster, easier - dare we say wonderful - online tool.

The engineers succeeded and we are proud to present our new, and improved GPM Pump Selector Tool.

Here’s what the team improved: 

  • Product Line expansion with additional variable options
  • Side-by-side results for selection comparison
  • Additional useful features on the results page
  • Customizable curve setting fields
  • Streamlined, easy-to-navigate workflows

We’ve added functionality so users can compare search results side-by-side. That means users can get a good look at the pumps, helping to better determine what you need. Users can:

  • See a side-by-side display of the selection curves
  • Sort by driver power, efficiency, energy cost or %
  • Display only the columns that matter to them with sorting

To use the new and improved Pump Selector, please follow the link below and sign-up. 

PLEASE NOTE: even if you have previously signed up for the GPM Pump Selector you will need to sign up again to access the tool. 

Access the pump selector by clicking below.

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GPM Engineers and manufactures a wide range of pumping models and solutions. We also offer horizontal pumps, mixer pumps, hydraulic pumps and other commonly used pumps. If you aren’t seeing the specifications you’re looking for in the Pump Selector, please contact us for more information at 800-754-9904.