GPM Pump Performance Testing

Not again. A critical pump is failing, and you don’t know why. Could it be a hydraulic issue, or maybe an electrical problem? You’re not sure yet, but you know this loss of performance is going to cost you. The downtime alone adds up quickly.

We frequently hear about situations like this. A piece of equipment goes down and is sent in for repair. It gets shipped back to the job site and fails to meet performance expectations.

Repair shops often treat the symptoms instead of solving the problem. It’s one thing to put a quick fix in place and send a pump on its way assuming it will perform as designed. It’s something else altogether to find the root cause of the problem and bring a pump back up to the manufacturer’s specifications – with a guarantee.

The GPM Service & Repair Center Approach: Pump Performance Testing


Proactive maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your equipment, and with pump performance testing, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your pump’s inner-workings. Meaning you’ll know what it should be able to do and will certainly notice if it’s underperforming.

The GPM pump performance test provides:

  • A certified pump performance curve
  • Certainty on the repair
  • Increased pump efficiency
  • Decreased maintenance costs

With this additional knowledge at hand, you’ll be able to better monitor regular wear and tear while keeping an eye out for unusual performance shifts. You’ll also be able to make educated decisions on long-term maintenance that extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Our Pump Performance Testing Process

Here’s how it works.

A pump comes in for repair because it’s not working properly. Maybe it’s not performing to spec. Maybe it has stopped working completely. Regardless, you’re not happy.

The GPM Service & Repair team gets the pump into the shop, rolls up their sleeves and takes a look. We start by disassembling and cleaning the pump, and then we inspect all components. Our team puts together an industry-leading report to share our findings, and we recommend the repairs needed to get the pump back to OEM specifications. We also offer to conduct a pump performance test after we’ve completed the repair.

From there, you have two choices:

  1. Fix the pump and get it back into service.
  2. Fix the pump, conduct a pump performance test, review test results for 100% certainty the pump will perform as-designed, reinstall and get back to work.

The pump performance test is an additional layer of security that ensures your pump will perform to spec before we put it back in the field. You’ll also receive an extensive report that compiles your pump’s performance into a certified performance curve. If you’re looking for that guarantee, the extra test is the way to go.

Service & Repair Success in the Mining Industry

We all know how critical uptime is for the mining industry. When a large, U.S. based mining company saw multiple submersible pumps drop in performance, they knew something had to change. Production nearly slowed to a halt before the company sent three 95hp, 1800rpm pumps in for repair at a local shop. Unfortunately for the customer, the pumps were not repaired properly and returned to the job site. When they failed again, the customer called GPM for help. GPM was able to get the pumps inspected, properly repaired, tested and back up and running, this time with a service guarantee.

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