Dewatering Done Better

Cost-Effective and Reliable Solutions

In a pond. In a pit. In a mine. In a plant.

You’ve got water or slurry somewhere and you want it out. Now what?

The typical dewatering approach calls for a vertical turbine pump or self-priming horizontal pump. But dewatering with either a GPM-EliminatorTM or engineered solution is more:

  • Reliable – Extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), resulting in longer service life.
  • Flexible – GPM-EliminatorTM can be completely submerged or barge-mounted.
  • Lower maintenance – Self-priming with no auxiliary equipment required. The GPM-EliminatorTM can handle solids in the water.
  • Cost-effective – Ultra-durability means lower maintenance requirements and fewer unexpected failures, which translates to a lower lifetime operating cost. 

If a reliable, cost-effective dewatering solution sounds appealing to you, download the Dewatering Done Better white paper today.

Dewatering White Paper