Decrease Downtime with Remote Condition Monitoring [CASE STUDY]

We’ve already debunked some of the most common myths about preventative maintenance, so we don’t want to harp on you about stuff you already know - but if you’re curious or want to refresh your memory, check out this blog post.

GPM certainly did not invent the term predictive maintenance, but we sure know a lot about it. One of the most exciting things our engineering team has been hard at work developing is our remote condition monitoring capability. This exciting new technology is paving the way in predictive maintenance.

What you might not know is that GPM can help you put together a remote predictive maintenance program that will significantly decrease your potential for downtime.

How so, you ask? Good question. The answer lies in…you guessed it, remote condition monitoring.

Having easy access to critical data on your equipment is incredibly useful. Instead of reacting after a catastrophe strikes, your team can remotely monitor the equipment and its data for inconsistencies. By tracking trends over time, or even in the moment, you’ll know if your equipment isn’t functioning at its best.

This is where the predictive maintenance comes in – by watching the trends and analyzing the data of your equipment underwater, you could prevent even larger problems that could be happening on the power end, hydraulic performance or downstream.

If anything unexpected is in the works, you’ll know right away with our remote condition monitoring. Having access at your fingertips to this data allows you the opportunity to act fast to correct small issues before they become big problems. In short, save on expensive repairs, or costly downtime.

Need some proof? No problem. We’ve got just the thing. We helped a customer in the mining industry launch an online predictive maintenance program for their submersible dewatering pumps – and the results speak for themselves. Check it out.

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