A Tale of the Everlasting Pump

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Back in the 90s, we sold a lot of GPM-EliminatorTM pumps to customers in a lot of different locations. This story is about one particular pump that was shipped out with two others and was never heard from again. Well, not for over 25 years, which in the life of a pump is quite a long time.

Typically, we recommend customers send their pumps in for manufacturer’s service maintenance once every five years or so. Regular maintenance ensures everything will continue to run smoothly. We believe in taking care of our equipment, and making it last for our customers.

But that recommendation didn’t quite happen with this particular pump.

We shipped these three GPM-Eliminators to a taconite processing plant in Minnesota in 1991, where they worked as a trio to pump silty water out of a mining application.

They lived good lives, for pumps. So good, in fact, they kept working for over a two decades before one of the three pumps needed manufacturer’s service maintenance. And when it finally came into our GPM Service and Repair Center, it took a little digging to find the original records.

This pump took Made Tough™ to a whole new level.

We don’t recommend working your pumps so long without manufacturer’s service maintenance, but still, we were impressed with this everlasting pump.

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