8 Service and Repair Tips for Extending the Life of an Industrial Pump


Standard life expectancy for a pump varies greatly. Many variables affect how long a given pump will function properly – the system, the type of pump and the product, to name a few.

It also depends upon how well the pump was manufactured. For example, the GPM-Eliminator™ is a slurry pump that will pump virtually anything: water, lime slurry, mill scale, even taconite pellets.

In addition to manufacturing the GPM-Eliminator, GPM represents and distributes leading industrial equipment manufacturers, and provides world-class pump and rotating equipment repair services. With almost 40 years of experience, the GPM repair shop is well-qualified to service your equipment.

 Why take steps to repair your pump before it fails?

  • Cost reduction (repair is usually less expensive than buying a new unit)
  • Opportunity for upgrades (improve material construction)
  • Minimize down time (proactive/preventative maintenance can be scheduled for quicker turnarounds)
  • Get “more bang for your buck” when it comes to your initial pump purchase


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