4 Common Pump Errors that Could Cost You Big

There’s a strange sound coming from the slurry pit. The pump is vibrating. (It’s never done that before.)

Or there’s no sound coming from the pit at all, because your brand-new pump keeps failing.

Or the dewatering pump you put in a year ago is performing way below spec.

When it comes to pumps, you would probably prefer to buy it, install it and never think about it again. It doesn’t matter if you work in mining, manufacturing, power generation or oil and gas extraction – a misbehaving pump is always a headache. Often an expensive one. 

In today’s fast-moving, cutthroat global economy, it’s a headache few enterprises can afford.

Many pump malfunctions can be traced back to four preventable but shockingly common errors. Read on to find out what they are and how they happen. 

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