Pump Problem?

3 “Logical” Reactions That Create Diagnosis Disasters [Tip Sheet]

When it comes to pumps, the road to unnecessary downtime and repair cost is paved with “logical” actions.

When a pump stops performing the way you need it to, there are a number of different ways you could react. Some of those reactions, though seemingly logical, could actually make matters worse. Much worse.

If you’ve got a pump problem and you take any of these three actions, you risk extending the downtime and running up the pump’s lifetime cost.

This tip sheet gives you the three “logical” actions that create diagnosis disasters and reveals what to do instead to minimize downtime and lifetime cost and maximize the life and performance of your pump.

1. Seemingly logical action: Take the malfunctioning pump apart.

2. Why people do it: To attempt to figure out what’s wrong.

3. Why it’s a diagnosis disaster 

Download the diagnosis tip sheet to read more

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