GPM Distribution Product Expansion | Howden Roots Blowers, Compressors and Controls

GPM has been in the business of manufacturing, distributing, servicing and repairing industrial pumps for the past 40 years. Customers know GPM pumps are the toughest in the business. If there’s a challenging job out there, a GPM pump can handle it. GPM is solutions driven and understands there is often more to the story than pumps. That’s why GPM has forged strong and strategic relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers.

Industries We Serve

The GPM Distribution team is committed to helping customers access the products and parts they need to keep their businesses running. We often work with customers in the following industries:

  • Mining – Open Pit/Underground
  • Power Generation
  • Oil Refining and Recovery
  • Steel Mills and Heavy Industries
  • Ethanol/Grain Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Sewage

Brands We Represent

GPM distributes excellence. Our customers trust the products and brands we choose to represent. Our seal of approval holds weight, and we’re proud to have built this level of trust with our customers.

GPM is proud to represent these top brands:

  • MTH

Introducing: Howden Roots Blowers, Compressors and Controls

GPM recently expanded our relationship with Howden Roots, to grow our offering as an authorized sales and distributor for Roots blowers, compressors and controls. For the past 30 years, we’ve worked closely with Howden, and have provided engineered sales and service for large Roots blower models. Now, we will be able to support the entire line of Roots blowers and will carry additional Roots inventory for our customers.

Roots blowers, compressors and controls are used in many industrial applications across a wide range of industries, including (but certainly not limited to): pneumatic conveying, gas separation, wastewater treatment, steam recompression, petrochemical production and many others.

The Howden Roots Compressor in Action: Bird Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study

When it comes to wastewater treatment facilities, efficient aeration control is an essential element to success. Proper airflow is a critical part of the decomposition process, and keeping blowers performing at an optimal rate is the best way to maximize efficiencies.

When the Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) struggled to accurately adjust the airflow on four 1980s-era 5,000 HP Root single-stage compressors, they knew they needed a modern solution.

Download the case study

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