A Bigger Motor for the Biggest Dewatering Pump Challenges


GPM customers work in the world’s toughest industries and they expect top performance from their products. That’s why they trust GPM to deliver products and solutions that get the job done.

But what happens when a customer has a job that’s bigger than GPM’s product lineup? What happens when a customer needs a dewatering pump that demands MORE? A bigger motor? More horsepower? Increased capacity? 

What happens is the GPM Engineered Fabrication team puts their heads together to deliver a solution bigger than ever before.

Striking Gold in Indonesia Takes GPM Engineered Fabrication Further

A mining customer based in Indonesia approached GPM with a dewatering pump challenge, and they had a tall order to fill. The job needed to pump 4,400gpm at 106' of lift, and a specific gravity of 1.04. Got it? The GPM team deployed the biggest EW8 pump in our arsenal, but the sheer amount of material to be pumped naturally caused the motor to slow. The GPM team quickly realized a Frame 5 motor wasn’t going to cut it. The customer needed more power – fast. Without a Frame 6 motor, the job was going to come to a standstill. 

The challenge? The high-powered motor this job required simply WOULD NOT FIT into GPM’s largest motor frame size, Frame 5.

The solution? Turn it up to Frame 6. The GPM Engineered Fabrication team put their heads together to deliver a solution bigger than ever before. The Frame 6 motor was created on-the-fly (after considerable engineering and testing, of course) to solve a problem for a customer who needed a solution ASAP. The Frame 6 motor is bigger, faster and able to tackle the toughest jobs out there, with ease.

The results? The custom-engineered solution helped solve this customer’s dewatering pump challenges. Higher flow rates and suction/discharge head capabilities mean this single pump tackles jobs faster and more efficiently – saving time and money on the job.

When GPM customers need more, the GPM team goes above and beyond to deliver. Custom- fabricated solutions for any industry lead to increased productivity and uptime with lower operational costs. 

Introducing GPM’s Newest Pride and Joy: The Frame 6 Motor

When a customer needed more, the GPM team delivered a motor so powerful, it required a custom-created frame to accommodate the large size.

The Frame 6 motor takes GPM’s capacity from 500 HP to an astounding 800 HP. This motor is compatible with all GPM GT, EW and LH pump lines, taking our customers’ pumping capacity to the next level and beyond – so more can get done faster.

With the Frame 6 motor, GPM pumps can be deployed in even more applications – and in tougher conditions – than ever before. Typical applications include:

  • Dewatering
  • Mine tailings waste
  • Coal pile runoff
  • Aggregate mining
  • Agricultural processing
  • Animal and food waste processing
  • Dredging

If you’ve got a tough job, the GPM Engineered Fabrication team is ready to help find a solution, no matter what it takes. Check out the specifics on our capabilities by downloading our fabrication sheet.

Keep it for your records and get in touch if you think you have a job for GPM – we’re always available for a free consultation, or site visit, and we’re always up for an engineering challenge. 


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